Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Uniforms & Equipment

Tackle Equipment
Player: SVAA provides players with a jersey, shoulder pads, and a helmet for the tackle football program. Team uniforms in 5th and 6th grades will resemble in color to those in the NFL. Players will keep their jerseys. Equipment must be returned clean.
No jewelry may be worn during practice or games.
Coach: Tackling dummy, blocking shield, kicking tee, one new and one old football, and a repair kit. A $200 equipment deposit is required and will be returned once equipment is returned.
Ball Sizes: 4th Peewee, 5th Junior and 6th Youth

Flag Equipment
Player: Team jersey is provided to each player. Shoes and shorts are the responsibility of the player. Consult your head coach for proper attire and colors prior to purchase. Players will keep their jerseys.
Coach: Flags and belts, a practice ball, and a game ball. No deposit required. 
Ball Size: Peewee/K2
No jewelry may be worn during practices or games.


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